Khloe & Kim Kardashian Are Both Posting Bare Belly Selfies, But For Very Different Reasons

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It’s stomachs in stereo, as both Khloe Kardashian and Kim Kardashian shared shots of their midsections. Yet, each had very different motivations flaunting their bare bellies.

How many Kardashian bellies are too many? For KUWTK fans, the answer is “no such thing.” Khloe Kardashian, 33, flaunted her belly – and her baby bump – in a series of Snapchat selfies on April 9, according to PEOPLE. While rocking only a sports bra, the visibly pregnant Khloe played around with the filters, having a bit of fun while killing time until the bun in her oven was ready to come out. With chances that Khloe could be in labor at anytime, she and her fans don’t have much more time left to enjoy that baby bump. Soon, it will be gone.

And soon, Khloe will be flaunting her stomach the way her sister, Kim Kardashian, 37, was while on vacation. While KoKo was at home, being pregnant, Kim was living her best life, posting a shot of her in a black bikini while splashing in the waters off some tropical beach. She made sure everyone saw how flat her stomach was – and how her figure is a literal hourglass – when she posted her April 10 pic. “Morning,” she captioned the shot of her in a hot-pink bikini. Damn, Kim.

Knowing how much Khloe kills it at the gym – even when she’s nine months pregnant – it’s a safe bet that KoKo will have her “beach ready body” back soon after she gives birth. Right now, she’s just trying to make it through. Khloe’s in the “blissful misery” stages of her pregnancy, as a source close to her EXCLUSIVELY told that she’s so swollen – “Everything from her ankles to her hands and feet … nothing fits her anymore and she is finding it impossible to sleep through the night” – that she can’t do anything but wait until she stops being pregnant.

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