Justin Bieber Rocks Bright Pink Shirt, Socks & Sandals: Love Or Loathe His Out-There Look?

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You can’t say Justin Bieber isn’t afraid to take style risks! The singer stepped out in a vivid pink shirt and red socks with sandals, not a care in the world. Check out the new pics of his eccentric look!

While this is not the oddest look that Justin Bieber, 24, has ever sported, it’s definitely up there! The Biebs was spotted at Adam Sandler’s standup show in Los Angeles on April 10 wearing a Barbie-pink shirt paired with a denim cap, khakis, striped sandals and a pair of $110 Vetements Red Reebok Edition Metal Socks. Somewhere, a stylist is cringing!

JB is obviously trying to keep busy in the aftermath of his and Selena Gomez‘s decision to take a break from their relationship. We previously told you exclusively that he’s feeling a bit “heartbroken,” and has been constantly working out, praying and hanging out with friends to keep his mind off the situation. Said one source: “He is doing whatever he can so not to obsess over how much he misses Selena.” Hmm!

Anyway, this doesn’t come close to some of Justin’s most out-there outfits. He once sported leopard pants, a loud graphic-printed sweatshirt and a yellow hat with metal spikes! A fan actually gave Justin the hat, and he wore it as part of a dare (“Ryan [Butler] said ‘you won’t go out in that.’ I said ‘watch me’ haha,” JB wrote on Instagram at the time), but still.

Finally, there was the time Justin rocked a giant cowboy hat, seemingly for no reason. You have to admit he has fun with it!


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